I Am Not Contagious




Grayson is an engaging and light-hearted six-year-old boy, who loves going to school but there is just one problem; some people think he’s contagious!

But how can Grayson be contagious when he’s perfectly healthy?

Grayson lives in a loving home with a family who takes a holistic approach to vaccinations. He has always lived an adventurous and beautiful life filled with friends and family. However, not everyone shares the same health views as Grayson’s family.

Then one day his world is turned upside down when the government passed a new law preventing him from attending school with his friends. Now, he must be homeschooled instead.

Grayson is left feeling confused but is hoping to find answers to his questions. Meanwhile, he makes a few suggestions to a talk show host and to his state Governor.

A heartwarming story from a young comedic perspective of confidence, compassion and courage that’s sure to inspire you.

Your child will also learn basic civic ideals and practices when they complete a fun activity inside!


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